Senior Investigator

Pauline NG, Ph.D
Group Leader
Chief Informatics Officer, Polaris
Research Focus

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The major research focus of my group is understanding the relationship between genotype and phenotype. This includes research in personalized medicine, understanding disease mutations, and working with next-generation sequencing technologies and protein sequence.

Personalized Genomics
I have analyzed the personal genome of Craig Venter in great detail. I have shown that genome sequencing can help improve individual drug prescriptions by studying Dr. Craig Venter’s and Dr. Jim Watson’s genomes. I have also recommended guidelines to direct-to-consumer genetic companies such as 23andMe and Navigenics for improving disease risk predictions.

Understanding Disease Mutations
A large proportion of Mendelian disease can be attributed to mutations in coding genes. I created the SIFT algorithm ( to predict the effect an amino acid substitution has on protein function. The SIFT algorithm is often applied to nonsynonymous variants.

As a Senior Bioinformaticist at Illumina, I designed the content for the microarrays used in genome-wide association studies. Later, I assessed next-generation sequencing technologies to observe what can be expected of the new technologies.


2002 University of Washington, PhD in Bioengineering
1997 Caltech, B.S. in Biology with Honors

Professional Appointments

2010-Group Leader, Genome Institute of Singapore
2009-2010Assistant Professor, J. Craig Venter Institute
2006-2009Senior Scientist, J. Craig Venter Institute
2005-2006Senior Scientist, Illumina
2003-2005Bioinformatics Scientist II, Illumina
2002-2003Bioinformatics Scientist I, Illumina
2002Computational Research Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Honors and Awards

2009-2010 SAIC Contract: High throughput next generation sequencing of T cell receptors
2008-2010 NHGRI R01 grant: Continued Development and Maintenance of Software
2009 Most viewed BioMed Central article (in top 10 for the year)
2005 Illumina Values Award
2002 Scholarship winner, Keystone Symposia: Human Genetics and Genomics
1999-2002 Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
1998-1999 National Science Foundation Fellowship
1996-1998 Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

External Grant

5 yearsn-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Targeting Cancer Stem Cell and Drug Resistance by TCR (0)
3 yearsPOLARIS by BMRC (15M)
1 yearAppistry by BMRC (2M)

Selected Publications

  1. Javed A, Agrawal S, Ng PC "Phen-Gen: combining phenotype and genotype to analyze rare disorders." Nat Methods 2014 Sep ; 11(9) : 935-7 Epub 2014 Aug 3 Abstract     

  2. Krishnan VG, Ebert PJ, Ting JC, Lim E, Wong SS, Teo AS, Yue YG, Chua HH, Ma X, Loh GS, Lin Y, Tan JH, Yu K, Zhang S, Reinhard C, Tan DS, Peters BA, Lincoln SE, Ballinger DG, Laramie JM, Nilsen GB, Barber TD, Tan P, Hillmer AM, Ng PC "Whole-Genome Sequencing Of Asian Lung Cancers: Second-Hand Smoke Unlikely To Be Responsible for Higher Incidence Of Lung Cancer Among Asian Never-Smokers." Cancer Res 2014 Sep 4 Abstract     

  3. Ng PC, Murray SS, Levy S. Venter JC (2009) "An agenda for personalized medicine" Nature 461:724-726. To download pdf, click on link below: Supplemental Data File     

  4. Kumar P, Henikoff S, Ng PC. (2009) Predicting the effects of coding nonsynonymous variants on protein function using the SIFT algorithm Nature Protocols 4:1073-81. To download pdf, click on link below: Supplemental Data File     

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  6. Ng PC, Zhao Q, Levy S, Strausberg RL, Venter JC "Individual genomes instead of race for personalized medicine." Clin Pharmacol Ther 2008 Sep ; 84(3) : 306-9. To download pdf, click on link below: Abstract      Supplemental Data File     

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  9. Ng PC, Henikoff S "Predicting the effects of amino acid substitutions on protein function." Annu Rev Genomics Hum Genet 2006 ; 7 : 61-80. To download pdf, click on link below: Abstract      Supplemental Data File     

  10. Ng PC, Henikoff S "Accounting for human polymorphisms predicted to affect protein function." Genome Res 2002 Mar ; 12(3) : 436-46 Abstract      Supplemental Link     

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