Senior Investigator

Chiea Chuen KHOR, M.D., Ph.D
Group Leader
Research Focus

Many a time, we observe (and sometimes even comment) that a friend's child bears a striking resemblance to his/her parent. This is a profound testimony to the contribution of hereditable elements which shape our being. We now go one little step further and ask: 'Are some of the diseases afflicting us linked, in one way or another, to our genetic makeup?"

Although I qualified as a medical doctor, I realized that my calling was to pursue medical research in a full-time manner. My interest has always been to study the determinants which predispose otherwise healthy human beings to disease, and to see if the information so gathered can be used to help patients. Unfortunately, we do not fully understand how disease processes work. I enjoy conducting genetic studies because more often than not, the findings illuminate medical science, and have an opportunity to change clinical practise for the better in the long term.

My laboratory practise spans many areas of human genetics studied across diverse human traits and disease conditions, with the long term goal of translating genetic findings into predictive medicine to improve healthcare in Singapore.

Team members

Zheng Li, M.D., PhD (Research Associate / Senior Postdoc)
Robert K Valenzuela, PhD (Post-Doctoral Fellow, on joint appointment with Dr. Teo Yik Ying)
Xie Zhicheng, PhD (Senior Research Officer)
Meah Wee Yang (Assistant Laboratory Manager)
Sim Kar Seng (Assistant Bioinformatics Manager)
Chen Xiao Yin (Senior Research Officer; Illumina lead)
Heng Khai Koon (Senior Research Officer; Affymetrix lead)
Soo Hui Meng (Senior Research Officer; Sequencing Library Preparation)
Zhang Zhenshui (Senior Research Officer)
Peh Su Qin (Senior Research Officer)
Mok Shi Qi (Research Officer)

Dennis Tan Eng Kiat (Research Officer)
Current position: PhD student, University of Western Australia

Wong Chang Hua (Senior Research Officer; Sequenom lead)
Goh Yufen (Research Officer)
Masahiro Miyake, M.D. (Visiting Scholar from Kyoto University)

Toh Kai Yee (Research Officer)
Current Position: Executive, School of Public Health, National University of Singapore


2006 Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.), University of Oxford
2009 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.,B.S.), National University of Singapore

Professional Appointments

2008 - 2009Research Fellow, Host-Susceptibility to Infection group, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences
2009 – 2011Research Fellow, Infectious Diseases (Hibberd Group), Genome Institute of Singapore
2011-2012Research Scientist, Infectious Diseases (Hibberd Group), Genome Institute of Singapore
2010 - 2012Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, National University Health System
2011 - 2012Adjunct Assistant Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore
2011-Adjunct Clinician Scientist, Singapore Eye Research Institute
2012 - Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, National University Health System
2012 -Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics, National University Health System
2012 - Assistant Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore
2012 - 2015Senior Research Scientist (Principal Investigator)
2015 - Group Leader (Senior Principal Investigator)

Honors and Awards

2007 Gold medal and book prize in Ophthalmology
2013 Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist Award for Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Committee and Advisory Board

2007 - presentAssociate member, Clinician Scientist Unit, NUS Leadership in Academic Medicine, National University of Singapore.

External Grant

5 yearsNational Lymphoma Translational Research Program: From Genomics to Therapeutics (as Theme PI; Lead PI: Lim Soon Thye) by NMRC TCR Flagship (S$1,077,000)
3 yearsDevelopment of a diagnostic and prognostic model for primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) using genomic and endophenotypic constructs by BMRC / TCRP (S$168,000)
3 yearsPrognostic genetic markers of severe dengue (co-PI: Cameron Simmons) by A-STAR / NHMRC (S$483,000)
3 yearsWhole-exome high-throughput sequencing for patients with Inherited Cardiac Conditions (co-PI: Roger Foo) by NUHS (S$96,000)


201261/691,503 : Method and/or probe for determining glaucoma susceptibility (Filed)
201161/537,904 : ABCC5 genetic variants and risk prediction of glaucoma. Submitted by SingHeath on behalf of the Singapore Eye Research Institute, and agreed to by ETPL. (Filed)

Selected Publications

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