Publications from 2015
  1. "Non-invasive sensitive detection of KRAS and BRAF mutation in circulating tumor cells of colorectal cancer patients." Mohamed Suhaimi NA, Foong YM, Lee DY, Phyo WM, Cima I, Lee EX, Goh WL, Lim WY, Chia KS, Kong SL, Gong M, Lim B, Hillmer AM, Koh PK, Ying JY, Tan MH (2015) Mol Oncol 2015 Jan 7

  2. "Patient-specific driver gene prediction and risk assessment through integrated network analysis of cancer omics profiles." Bertrand D, Chng KR, Sherbaf FG, Kiesel A, Chia BK, Sia YY, Huang SK, Hoon DS, Liu ET, Hillmer A, Nagarajan N (2015) Nucleic Acids Res 2015 Jan 8

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